Short clip showing how to build a woodpile using a Cordwood Cover without the need for a rack. 

Cordwood Covers - Firewood Cover and Base

  • Stack wood with ease to make visually pleasing wood pile without the need for a rack
  • Includes a cover and base guide to allow easy quick construction of the woodpile
  • Provides protection from the elements while maintaining the look of a traditional Holz Hausen woodpile
  • 4ft high pile holds approximately 2 cords of firewood.
  • Waterproof cover keeps rain, snow and leaves out of the woodpile while maintaining airflow through vents at the peak.
  • 8 Foot in diameter

Base template is used to start the woodpile.  Lay base out to begin your woodpile.  Start by laying logs around the perimeter.   Follow this by adding logs pointing toward the center of the template.  Throw odd sized logs with knots, short pieces, kindling etc., into the center.   No need to stack wood in the center.   Stack wood until you get to your desired height. 

  • Base is constructed using a durable fine mesh polyester material
  • Mesh keeps dirt, worms and bugs off of wood while allowing water to easily pass through keeping wood dry. 
  • No need to place wood on elevated structure or pallets

Please note:   green mesh shown here is now black


  • Base includes four-side release strap buckles to anchor cover securely to base
  • Cover includes four vents at the peak to allow for proper ventilation and airflow assuring woodpile dries quickly when stacked
  • Vents include rigid brim to maintain proper airflow while preventing rain and snow from entering woodpile
  • Cover is made of durable UV protected 600D Polyester with a waterproof undercoating
  • Cover is designed to remain flexible during cold temperatures
  • Keeps rain, snow and leaves out of your woodpile
  • Cover color:  Tan
IMG_9588 (2).JPG
  • Cover includes four straps which connect to the base using side release buckles.
  • No need to deal with ropes and shock cords
  • Straps securely attach the cover to the base assuring it stays in position during heavy winds
  • Each strap is fully adjustable.  Build the pile to any height you want
  • Snap together the side release buckle and pull the strap to tighten the cover securely to the woodpile
  • As wood is removed from the pile during the winter, a quick pull of the strap tightens the cover down
  • Graphic on side of cover shows how many cords of firewood are in the pile based on its height
  • Less stacking than a traditional woodpile -  only the perimeter is stacked
  • Natural convective airflow through pile and vents keep wood dry
  • Cover is designed to easily lift up for unloading of wood from the woodpile
  • No need to deal with ropes, shock cords or throwing logs on top of tarps to make sure they don't blow away

A better way to stack cordwood firewood.  Our product was recently shown on the YouTube channel Wranglerstar!